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Tag: Land Stewardship and Management

EarthAcre: Transforming Community Lands Through Technology and Indigenous Knowledge

Kiragu Mwangi – ILCN Regional Representative for Africa  Patita Nkamunu – EarthAcre Head of Projects & Co-Founder, Kenya  Background  The technology and environmental services organization EarthAcre was founded in 2019 by a diverse group of co-founders—one Kenyan, one Kenyan-British, and three Americans. EarthAcre emerged from a blend of varied experiences and a mutual passion for […]

Empowering Communities: The Rise of ReGeCom in Mozambique’s Conservation Landscape

Kiragu Mwangi – ILCN Regional Representative for Africa José Monteiro — Executive Director, ReGeCom In February 2018, a cross-sector group of leaders gathered in Maputo, Mozambique. They had come together around mounting concerns that communities were being left out of land conservation at both the decision-making and implementation level. There, at the 5th Conference on […]

Australia Passes Legislation to Establish World’s First Nature Repair Market

Cecilia Riebl – ILCN Regional Representative for Australasia In a world-first, the Australian government has created a national, voluntary, legislated nature-repair market intended to mobilise private-sector capital for nature restoration and preservation, and to reward landholders for protecting biodiversity. The market will be an important component of meeting the country’s commitment to protect and restore […]

Empowering Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities: A Pinnacle in African Conservation and Land Stewardship

Kiragu Mwangi – ILCN Regional Representative for Africa At a landmark assembly in Windhoek, Namibia, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from 47 African nations convened for the first Community-led Conservation Congress from October 25-27, 2023. The congress marked a historic moment for people-centered conservation across the continent and represented a monumental stride toward collaboration and amplification Indigenous […]

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