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Around the world, conservation issues transcend the legal and geographic reach of existing jurisdictions, institutions, and organizations. While conservation challenges need to be addressed at all scales, large landscape conservation works more effectively across legal and physical boundaries. As the impacts of climate change become more urgent, it is increasingly important that the global land conservation community act at the large landscape scale to ensure the integrity and resilience of ecosystems and the protection of land and water resources. Through peer learning, we bring together leaders advancing landscape-scale conservation initiatives that are multijurisdictional, multipurpose, and multistakeholder to advance collaborative approaches to solving key challenges in their landscapes.

Resources & Education

Recent ILCN and external resources related to large landscape conservation.

2021 Global Congress Session Recordings

LL1A: Peatland Restoration in the EU

LL1B: Forest Restoration and Conservation at Scale

LL2: Finding Intersections Between Conservation and Industrial, Commercial, and Agricultural Uses

LL3A: The Role of PPAs in Achieving Protected Area Targets in Latin America

LL3B: Sustaining Nature Under Climate Change- New Science to Inform Conservation

LL5 Geospatial Technology for Tracking and Monitoring Conservation Effectiveness and Outcomes

LL4: IUCN Guidelines- Coordinating Privately Protected Areas with National Protected Area Systems

ILCN/ELCN Webinar: Peer Learning and Collaborative Leadership in Large Landscapes

Over the past two years, the International Land Conservation Network has convened the first cohort of the Large Landscape Peer Learning Initiative (LLPLI) to share insights and strategies regarding finance, governance, law and policy, and stewardship. These exchanges and in-depth strategic collaborations between large landscape conservation leaders from California, the Appalachian Trail in the eastern United States, Chile’s Mediterranean Zone and Chilean Patagonia have generated a variety of significant, strategic and replicable results. Come meet several of the key participants and learn along with them regarding the power of peer exchange and collaborative processes.

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ILCN Webinar: Holistic Landscape Conservation in the 21st Century

In this webinar, 2019 Kingsbury Browne Fellow Michael Whitfield makes a case for holistic landscape conservation efforts, discusses elements of holistic landscape collaboration that meet both ecological and social goals, and examines the consequences of their implementation in multiple settings. This webinar, which is moderated by Jim Levitt, draws from Whitfield’s 2019 working paper, “Toward Holistic Landscape Conservation in the 21st Century”.

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Report on the Large Landscape Peer Learning Initiative: The Journey of the First Cohort

The Large Landscape Peer Learning Initiative (LLPLI) is an effort designed to: help articulate, through peer exchange and sharing of best practices, the strategic vision of large landscape conservation initiatives around the globe, and to monitor the implementation of these strategic visions over time. 

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Towards Holistic Landscape Conservation In the 21st Century

In America we enjoy an amazing conservation legacy. However, all of Planet Earth is in the midst of an environmental and social crisis. Here in the United States, observers often see conflict between efforts to conserve nature in the face of massive loss of biological diversity versus efforts to provide all our people with suitable housing and access to adequate food, clean air and water, and outdoor recreation. Yet both of these challenges are symptomatic of the same threats: a burgeoning human population with out-of-scale environmental impacts, ecological and social fragmentation, and the ever more serious threat of climate change. The emergence of landscape conservation through robust human community collaboration that provides for the non-human interests of wildlife and nature is seen as a necessary approach to meet these daunting challenges. Across the country there are many examples of conservation success through landscape collaboration, but the concept is hindered by incomplete application and a lack of suitable measures of program outcomes. In this paper we make a case for holistic landscape conservation efforts, discuss proposed elements for holistic landscape collaborations that meet both ecological and social goals, and examine the consequences of their implementation in multiple settings. 

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[Policy Focus Report] Large Landscape Conservation: A Strategic Framework for Policy and Action

In response to increasing activity at the large landscape scale, leaders from the public, private and nongovernmental sectors participated in two national policy dialogues and many other informal discussions in 2009.

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Shawn Johnson

Managing Director, Center for Natural Resources & Environmental Policy, University of Montana

Hernan Maldinic

Former Executive Director, Tompkins Conservation

Nat Page

Director, Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania

Emily Bateson

Director, Network for Landscape Conservation

Greg Moore

CEO Emeritus & Special Advisor, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Dennis Shaffer

Director of Landscape Conservation, Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Sharon Farrell

Executive Vice President, Projects, Stewardship & Science, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Key Partners and Networks for Additional Resources

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