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A daunting funding gap faces the global community of conservationists aiming to protect landscapes, ecosystems, and biodiversity around the world. Private, civic, and public organizations and institutions are developing innovative tools, mechanisms, and solutions to generate and secure the financial capital required to advance the pace and quality of land conservation in their juridictions. We share innovations and expertise in conservation finance from six continents, so that organizations large and small can catalyze, adapt, and replicate sustainable, long-term financing methods.

Resources & Education

Recent ILCN and external resources related to conservation finance.

2021 Global Congress Session Recordings

CF1: Mobilizing Private Capital to Reach the 30×30 Target

CF2: IUCN Guidelines- Incentives for Privately Protected Areas

CF3A: Impact Investing and ESG Investments

CF3B: International and Cross-Border Giving

CF4: Carbon Payments for Conservation: Authentic Additionality

CF5A: Blended Finance and the Role of Intermediaries

ILCN/ELCN Webinar: A Global Survey of Conservation Finance

This global survey provides an overview of conservation finance and explores a range of different approaches from around the world. Experts from the United States, Australia and South Africa share the regionally-unique political, social, and economic opportunities and challenges they have faced. Framed by the aggregate experience of practitioners, the session gives attendees a distilled understanding of creative solutions to financing land conservation and pathways for initiating, adapting, or replicating these solutions in different landscapes or jurisdictions.

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CFA White Paper: Conservation Finance: A Framework

This white paper released by the Conservation Finance Alliance clarifies the definition and role of conservation finance to show how important its mechanisms and strategies are for addressing the underlying causes of nature loss as well as contributing to increasing sustainable funding flows to nature conservation, provides several conceptual frameworks to facilitate an understanding of the various concepts associated with conservation financ, and presents a taxonomy of conservation finance strategies and mechanisms.

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ILCN/ELCN Webinar: Using EU LIFE Funding for Private Land Conservation

This webinar provides a programme manager’s perspective on LIFE funding opportunities for private and civic land conservation projects. Organisations that have developed projects and received EU LIFE funding share experiences and insights from the conservation practitioner and LIFE project manager perspective.

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Scoping Paper- Expanding Finance Opportunities to Support Private Land Conservation in Australia- 2018

A desktop review of both international and domestic finance approaches which may be deployed and/ or expanded to support private land managers in restoring, conserving and managing Australia’s landscapes, waterways and populations of threatened species.  26 major finance approaches – spanning philanthropic giving, government financing and private investment – were assessed as to their relative deployment complexity, scalability and suitability in addressing Australia’s conservation finance gap.

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BirdLife South Africa Tax Incentive Used

BirdLife South Africa’s Fiscal Benefits Project has successfully included the very first biodiversity tax incentive for Nature Reserves in an annual tax return. Section 37D allows a landowner who has declared a Nature Reserve to deduct the value of the land from their taxable income. This was achieved on behalf of a landowner for the very first time in South Africa at the end of 2016.

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Report on the Workshop on Emerging Innovations in Conservation Finance

In September 2016, 63 conservation practitioners, private landowners, finance experts, and elected officials from eight counties, primarily in the Americas, gathered in Chile to build on and sharpen concepts that are making, or have the potential to make, a substantial impact on conservation finance in the Western Hemisphere and beyond. This report is a compendium of the topics discussed at that gathering.

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Peter Stein

Managing Director, Lyme Timber Company LP (USA)

David Meyers

Executive Director, Conservation Finance Alliance

Candice Stevens

Innovative Finance Lead, Wilderness Foundation Africa (South Africa)

Marnie Lassen

Conservation Markets Manager, Trust for Nature (Australia)

Stefano Picchi

Project Manager, WWF OASI (Italy)

Rob Wilson

Director of Conservation Finance, Nature Conservancy of Canada

Leigh Whelpton

Program Director, Conservation Finance Network (USA)

Key Partners and Networks for Additional Resources

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