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Land conservation requires and depends upon adaptive and ongoing management and stewardship of natural, cultural, and landscape values. In some countries and regions, stewardship and land management are the primary means of protecting land, particularly in the context of working landscapes which feature a ‘mosaic’ of land use and land cover. We explore and share the use of innovative approaches to solving stewardship challenges, and initiatives to support the involvement and participation of land owners, land users, and land managers in land conservation and restoration projects.

Resources & Education

Recent ILCN and external resources related to stewardship and land management.

2021 Global Congress Session Recordings

LS1: Stewarding Grasslands- Good for Grasslands, Good for Climate, Good for Farmers

LS2A: Land, Food and Livelihood- Conservation and Stewardship on Arable Land

LS2B: Managing Forests and Carbon

LS3A: Talking the Walk- Supporting and Mobilizing Community-Driven Stewardship

LS3B: DIY Restoration and Conservation on Private Lands in Europe

LS4A: Working Outside the Box- Creative Strategies from Land Stewards

LS4B: Nature-based Solutions and Restoration of Modified Ecosystems

LS5: IUCN Guidelines- Not Just Individuals- Exploring Other PPA Subtypes

ILCN/ELCN Webinar: Utter Opposites? Conservation in a Commercial Farming Context

In this webinar, panelists present different approaches, from three corners of the world, of how and why farmers are succeeding in combining biodiversity protection with well-run, modern and economically sustainable farms.

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Caring Together for Nature; Manual on land stewardship as a tool to promote social involvement with the natural environment in Europe

This manual is a product of the LIFE+ funded project “LandLife: Boosting land stewardship as a conservation tool in the western Mediterranean arc: a communication and training scheme”

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LIFE and Land Stewardship; Current Status, Challenges and Opportunities

This report focuses on the LIFE program and its contribution to establishing land stewardship approaches in the EU. The main purpose of this study was to assess the contribution of the LIFE program in engaging private stakeholders in nature conservation and to explore further opportunities to do so in future LIFE projects.


Jofre Rodrigo

Executive Director, Xarxa per a la Conservació de la Natura

Anton Gazenbeek

Steering Committee, International Land Conservation Network

Jin Tong

Science Director, The Nature Conservancy China Program

Victoria Alonso

Executive Director, Fundación Tierra Austral

Carolyn duPont

Growth and Partnerships Lead, Upstream Tech

Key Partners and Networks for Additional Resources

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