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Empowering a Global Community for Land Conservation

The International Land Conservation Network connects civic and private organizations and people, across boundaries and around the world, to accelerate the protection and strengthen the management of land and natural resources.

ILCN 2024 Global Congress Request for Proposals is Now Open- Deadline Extended

We welcome proposals for presentations and workshops to be offered at the 2024 ILCN Global Congress. This call for proposals will close on February 15, 2024.

Proposals may be submitted in written form, or, alternatively, in oral/visual formats.

To learn more, read the Request for Proposals (available in English and in French).

Please contact Robin Austin at with questions.

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Connecting Private & Civic Land Conservationists Worldwide

The civic and private land conservation community works across six continents to protect and steward treasured landscapes.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

Gayle Austen Chair, Trust for Nature

It has never been more important to work together across the world to promote and expand private land conservation. In one sense, COVID19 means that borders are being restored to their medieval status as obstacles, but in another way, the power of the virus is showing us how meaningless borders are. Our native creatures look on in bemusement.

Uniting the passion of private land-owners with conservation-focused government has never been a better idea, and I’m hopeful that this is a time when we can further build an understanding of the impact global partnership can have on conserving and strengthening our natural environment. ILCN has a critical role to play in spreading the word and keeping us all energized with the possibilities of private land conservation in a difficult time. Trust for Nature is proud to be part of ILCN and draw on the inspiration of other like-minded organizations around the world.

Dr. Jane Goodall Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute

“I [congratulate you on the work] of the International Land Conservation Network. It’s so exciting to know that [you are convening] people from many countries—from six continents—who care passionately about … conservation. It [is] a brilliant idea to link together private landowners with government agencies and NGOs who all share the goal of preserving the natural world.”

Angelo Salsi LIFE and Eco-innovation Head of Unit, European Commission

“The creation of the ILCN was a conservation milestone. Its example has inspired the establishment of a similar initiative to encourage effective private land conservation across Europe.”

Jon Jarvis 18th Director of the United States National Park Service

“The ILCN and its partners on six continents are key in sustaining momentum for conservation at local, regional, national and international scales. Your patience and persistence, as well as the new paradigms you are exploring for cross-boundary, cross-sectoral conservation initiatives, are vitally important – and the emerging successes being highlighted by the ILCN are a source of inspiration for us all.”

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