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April 29

ILCN/ELCN Webinar: Conservation Tools and Strategies in Common Law Jurisdictions

Organisations and conservation practitioners in common law jurisdictions use a number of agreement types to protect private lands, other than outright fee simple ownership. Webinar panelists will discuss the core agreements used in their country, including conservation covenants in Australia and New Zealand and conservation easements in the United States. Panelists will discuss the similarities and differences of their respective agreements, addressing such issues as the agreements’ unique suitability to their jurisdictions, their special focus on protecting ecological features or working landscapes, or both, their accommodation or prohibition of limited development, the importance of financial incentives to landowners, and new challenges to enforceability and to permanence in the face of climate change.

This webinar will be hosted by Laura Johnson of the International Land Conservation Network and chaired by Victoria Marles, Chief Executive Officer of Trust for Nature. Panelists include: Victoria Marles; James Fitzsimons, Director of Conservation for the Australia Program at The Nature Conservancy; Mike Jebson, former Chief Executive at the QEII National Trust in New Zealand; and Jessica Owley, Professor of Law at the University of Miami, United States.

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