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Recordings are now available for 2021 ILCN-ELCN Global Congress plenaries and sessions.

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2021 ILCN-ELCN Global Congress Introductory Remarks and Keynote Panel

2021 Global Congress Conservation Visionary Award Ceremony

2021 ILCN-ELCN Global Congress Closing Remarks

About the Congress

As nations around the world work towards ambitious targets to protect and restore biodiverse, climate-resilient ecosystems, private and civic land
conservation is becoming increasingly significant at every scale- from micro reservas in Valencia, Spain to protected areas spanning tens of
millions of hectares in Canada’s Far North. Targets such as protecting 30% of lands by 2030 can only be reached by taking a collaborative and
inclusive approach that leverages and builds on the capacity of a range of land stewards – landowners, communities, and civic organizations, among
others – to undertake voluntary, durable, and effective land conservation action.

Inspired by the beautiful Catalonian landscape, and using the digital tools available to bring together an ever growing community still facing the
challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, join us in continuing to learn from and support one another in advancing the private and civic land
conservation movement.


  • Increased knowledge of the diversity of tools and strategies being used around the world to protect and steward private land for the long-term;
  • Greater understanding of strategies that can be used to advance private and civic land conservation in specific country contexts;
  • Establishment of productive and actionable relationships among practitioners from around the world, leading to continued knowledge exchange,
    sharing of expertise, and sense of global community;
  • Recognition and elevation of the role and importance of private and civic land conservation in achieving national and international protected
    area and biodiversity conservation goals, particularly in the context of post-2020 agenda-setting.


Participants from the public, private, nonprofit, academic, and indigenous sectors include directors and staff of local, regional, national, and
international land and biodiversity conservation organizations, conservation landowners, public officials and policymakers, lawyers, conservation
finance experts, representatives of indigenous peoples’ organizations, foundations, students and academics, representatives of multilateral
agencies, and others.

For comments, questions, or access issues, please email Robin Austin at

Why Catalonia

Catalonia is at the forefront of private and civic land conservation in Europe and globally, with organizations such as Fundació Catalunya
La Pedrera and the network Xarxa per a la Conservació de la Natura (XCN) leading a growing community of land conservation practitioners in
the region.

Hosting the Congress in Barcelona also highlights the 2017 launch and and recent successes of the European Land Conservation Network, which
have included:

ILCN/ELCN Webinars

Due to the postponement of the Global Congress, the ILCN and ELCN hosted a series of webinars on key topics in private and civic land conservation in 2020 and early 2021. Recordings of the webinars are available at the link below.


Earth Day Plenary and Webinars

The following are past ILCN/ELCN webinars. Recordings of these webinars are available at the links below and on our Resources page.

Available Now

Resifarms — Boosting ecosystem services on non-productive farm land


Speaker: Ander Achotegui, Head of Sustainable Agriculture and Foresetry at Fundació Emys and Coordinator of the Resifarms project

Description: Farmland represents 40% of EU land. Agriculture can sustain high levels of biodiversity and be highly productive, but if managed too aggressively it can pollute and degrade the environment. There is a well-known synergy between agricultural production and semi-natural habitat conservation (ponds, forests, etc.) but it is still scarcely applied. The Resifarms project is preparing a toolkit and training sessions for farmers and technicians of Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic and Romania to build up their skills. This webinar will explain the different problems Resifarms aims to tackle, the solution the project suggests and the different actions that are being and will be conducted.

View the recording here

Available Now

Land Conservation, Health and Well-Being


Speakers: Rand Wentworth, Louis Bacon Senior Fellow in Environmental Leadership, and Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government; Dr. Sadiya Muqueeth, Director of Community Health at the Trust for Public Land; and  Dr. Carles Castell, Head of the Natural Areas Department at the Barcelona Provincial Council.

Description: This webinar will focus on the role of open space, parks, and protected areas as a critical part of public health infrastructure, offering multiple benefits for physical and mental health. Speakers from the United States and Spain, two of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic, will share their perspectives on how land conservation contributes to health and well-being, and the urgency of ensuring equal access to quality green spaces for all.

View the recording here

Available Now

The Natura 2000 Protected Areas Network- the History and Future Outlook for Integrating Conservation on Private Lands


Natura 2000, a network of protected areas covering 18% of land and 10% of marine waters for the most valuable and threatened species and habitats across all 28 countries of the European Union, is the largest coordinated network of protected areas in the world. Join us for a webinar exploring the creation of the network; its evolving approach to integrating conservation on private lands; and its results for nature and biodiversity conservation in Europe. Speakers will share reflections on the history, context, and future outlook for Natura 2000 and private land conservation, providing an opportunity for conservation practitioners, land managers, and protected area coordinators to get in-depth perspectives into the achievements, lessons learned, and broader implications from this unique effort.

View the recording here

Global Congress Archive

Proceedings and outcomes from past ILCN Global Congresses are available at the links below.

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Contact us for more information

For more information on the Congress, please contact Robin Austin, Project Coordinator for the ILCN.

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