Team Members


James N. Levitt

Director, International Land Conservation Network, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Chandni Navalkha

Associate Director, Sustainably Managed Land and Water Resources, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Robin Austin

Project Coordinator, Land and Water Conservation, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Shenmin Liu

Research Analyst, Land and Water Conservation and China Program, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Marianne Jorgensen

Project Manager for ALPINE, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Team Members

Steering Committee

Victoria Alonso

Sylvia Bates

Tilmann Disselhoff

Anton Gazenbeek

Victoria Marles

Lisa McLaughlin

Peter Stein

Jofre Rodrigo

Jin Tong

Kiragu Mwangi

Candice Stevens

Yang Fangyi

Laura Johnson

Angelo Salsi

Team Members

Advisory Council

Javier Beltran

Armando Carbonell

Judith LaBelle

Fernando Lloveras

John Lounds

Celia Mahung

Brent Mitchell

Stefan Nagel

Marcelo Ringeling

Loring Schwarz

Francisco Solis

Philip Tabas

Henry Tepper

Geoff Wescott

Why We Exist

ILCN Steering Committee Members at the 2018 Land Trust Alliance Rally in Pittsburgh, PA

Join us in our work:

  • Convening our community of practice, both virtually and in person.
  • Disseminating ideas, cases, and tools.
  • Promoting partnerships, collaborations, and peer learning.
  • Raising global awareness of the critical role of private and civic land conservation in safeguarding natural resources.