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Tag: Law and Policy

Evolving Conservation for Culture: How Conservation Organizations are Adapting Existing Tools and Approaches to Recognize Indigenous Values, Practices, and Priorities

Cecilia Riebl, ILCN Regional Representative for Australasia As land trusts and conservation organizations across the globe grapple with biodiversity loss and the climate crisis; social inequity and disconnection between people and nature, they are increasingly looking to Indigenous knowledge systems to inform a way forward. Indigenous cultures hold deep knowledge around caring for and healing […]

A Renowned Honda Racetrack Certified as one of Japan’s First OECMs

Shenmin Liu – ILCN Regional Representative for Asia On October 6, 2023, the automotive brand Honda announced that Mobility Resort Motegi—a racing circuit primarily used to promote the brand—was one of the first areas in Japan to be recognized under the classification of Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measure (OECM). The move is part of a […]

Australia Passes Legislation to Establish World’s First Nature Repair Market

Cecilia Riebl – ILCN Regional Representative for Australasia In a world-first, the Australian government has created a national, voluntary, legislated nature-repair market intended to mobilise private-sector capital for nature restoration and preservation, and to reward landholders for protecting biodiversity. The market will be an important component of meeting the country’s commitment to protect and restore […]

The First China Conservation Biology Conference Highlighted CPAs and OECMs

Shenmin Liu – ILCN Regional Representative for Asia The first China Conservation Biology Conference was held in Guangzhou, China, November 24-17. The event attracted 920 participants, including researchers and conservation professionals from 208 institutions nationwide. It served as a platform for a cross-sector exploration of Civic Protected Areas (CPAs) and Other Effective Conservation Mechanisms (OECMs) […]

Empowering Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities: A Pinnacle in African Conservation and Land Stewardship

Kiragu Mwangi – ILCN Regional Representative for Africa At a landmark assembly in Windhoek, Namibia, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from 47 African nations convened for the first Community-led Conservation Congress from October 25-27, 2023. The congress marked a historic moment for people-centered conservation across the continent and represented a monumental stride toward collaboration and amplification Indigenous […]

In Latin America, the ILCN Ushers in a New, More Robust Network of Conservationists

Lily Robinson ­— ILCN Program Coordinator In Latin America, a new network of private and civic land conservationists is blossoming with the support of the International Land Conservation Network (ILCN) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC). The project, launched by the ILCN in 2023, aims to grow the network’s reach and support of an already rapidly […]

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