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March 17-20, 2016

Workshop on sustainable forestry in the UK

Sustainable forestry is one the topics Forum Synergies is focusing on and we are happy to announce the
first in a planned series of four workshops.

The ultimate aim of the Forum Synergies project is to increase the capacity and ability of individuals, NGOs, local and EU governments to deliver forestry management that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. The first workshop in the UK will set the scene by examining what is meant by sustainable forestry. It will raise awareness for the wider benefits of sustainable forestry management and the services it provides apart from timber production, like e.g., climate change mitigation, flood control, biodiversity aspects,
landscape values, forests as recreational space for people as one of the social functions forests provide. All these aspects will promote discussion and exchange of good and/ or innovative practices. The second day will be dedicated to creating a common vision of sustainability, services and current policies. We will contrast these findings with the goals and impacts of current national policies and the EU Forestry Strategy.These findings will enable us to find a common understanding and make proposals for activities
on EU, national and regional/ local level.

The main elements will be:
(1) Immersion in local realities (field trips)
(2) presentations from other countries on the main issues of the workshop
(3) link between local experiences and policies (national and European)
(4) working groups to formulate proposals on 3 levels
· options for activities in the participants’ own regions
· for policy makers
· for the next workshops

The programme is available here.
Register here.

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