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February 7, 2017

Land Trust Alliance Webinar: Taking Stock: How to Draft Baselines and Current Condition Reports

Baseline documentation reports form the foundation of an effective land conservation program. By recording the condition of the land at the time of an easement signing and supporting the terms of the easement, they are critical in identifying conservation values as well as changes to the land over time, whether human or natural. Baselines also serve as a great educational tool for successor owners of easement properties and are a critical component to defending your easement in court.

Join Rick Remington, conservation director of West Wisconsin Land Trust, and Heather Richards, senior representative, mitigation solutions for The Conservation Fund, as they discuss:

– The basics components of creating useful, effective baselines and current condition reports

– IRS requirements for baselines, as well as baseline requirements outlined in Land Trust Standards and Practices and the Accreditation Requirements Manual: A Land Trust’s Guide to Understanding Key Elements of Accreditation(link is external)

– How to read your easement to develop an appropriate and useful document

– Creating a plan for creating current condition reports if you have a backlog


Cost: $65, or purchase an all-access pass for this year’s Land Trust Alliance 30-webinar series for $485.

More information and a link to register are here.

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