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May 24, 2017

Land Trust Alliance Webinar: Marketing Masters: Creating Better Communications with Social Media and Email

Join marketing and fundraising expert John Haydon to learn how to extend your reach and impact with social media and email. The webinar will focus on identifying which social media channels are best to reach your unique audience; boosting conversions and sharing for your campaign; and creating a social media plan for what to post before, during and after your fundraising campaign. John will share several examples of creative campaigns promoted with social media.

After the webinar, participants should:

– Know how to map out a campaign game plan for social media and email;

– Learn how to create pre-written content that your core supporters can share; and

– Understand how to track your campaign in Google Analytics.

Cost: $65, or purchase an all-access pass for this year’s Land Trust Alliance 30-webinar series for $485.

More information and a link to register are here.

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