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May 3

Indigenous Wisdom: The Dynamics of Successful Partnerships Between Conservation Organizations and Indigenous Groups

Indigenous cultures have stewarded nature for thousands of years but today’s conservation approaches often sideline this knowledge – to the detriment of stewardship efforts, Indigenous peoples and the planet. In the first of a 2-part webinar series, we will hear from speakers from the U.S. and Australian about the dynamics of successful partnerships between conservation organizations and Indigenous groups, both in the management of conservation lands and in Indigenous handbacks of conservation lands. The key focus will be on the ‘how’: How to partner with and support Indigenous-led conservation, including best practices, strategies for reciprocity, and turning listening into action.


  1. Bambi Lees, Aboriginal Partnerships Manager, Bush Heritage Australia 
  2. Teri Red Owl, Executive Director, Owens Valley Indian Water Commission, US 
  3. Emily Dillon, Neds Transition Project Coordinator, Trust for Nature
  4. Shelana DeSilva, SdS Consulting: Land Reparations and Indigenous Solidarity 

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