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October 31, 2023

ILCN Webinar: Animating the Carbon Cycle

On October 31st, the ILCN will convene a webinar with Oswald Schmitz, Oastler Professor of Population and Community Ecology at the Yale University School of the Environment. He has written on the importance of larger fauna in the carbon cycle, and his research focuses on biodiversity and ecosystem services. His work illuminates the Rewilding concept carried in the land trust world, and also lends scientific credence to these principles at play on the ground. In this webinar, he will join us to speak on how flora and fauna at all tropic levels impact the carbon cycle, and what that can mean for land management.

We will then invite Jon Leibowitz, Executive Director of the Northeast Wilderness Trust, to give us the on-the-ground vision. How does rewilding look from the land trust perspective? John has worked in private land conservation since 2011, and has extensive experience in protecting and conserving wildlands.

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