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May 20, 2020

ILCN/ELCN Webinar: Utter Opposites? Conservation in a Commercial Farming Context

In many countries, the share of land used for commercial agriculture is rising and ranks highest as compared to other land uses. Farmers, whether owners or lessors, can therefore potentially make an enormous contribution to nature conservation. However, intensification of farming, driven by economic imperatives and technological change, is having increasingly negative impacts on nature and biodiversity. Through what tools and strategies can farmers foster nature on their farms and minimise negative impacts, without compromising their quality of life and the economic health of their farm? What motivates farmers to conserve landscapes and biodiversity, particularly in an intensive farming context? In this webinar, panelists will present different approaches, from three corners of the world, of how and why farmers are succeeding in combining biodiversity protection with well-run, modern and economically sustainable farms.

The webinar will be hosted by Jim Levitt, Program Director of Land and Water Conservation at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, and will be chaired by Anton Gazenbeek, Steering Committee member of the International Land Conservation Network. Panelists will include: James Ryan, General Manager at New Zealand Farm Environment Trust; Ilana Moir, Director of Conservation at the Colorado West Land Trust; and Martin Lines, UK Chair of the Nature Friendly Farming Network.

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