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May 6

ILCN/ELCN Webinar: Peer Learning and Collaborative Leadership in Large Landscapes

Over the past two years, the International Land Conservation Network has convened the first cohort of the Large Landscape Peer Learning Initiative (LLPLI) to share insights and strategies regarding finance, governance, law and policy, and stewardship. These exchanges and in-depth strategic collaborations between large landscape conservation leaders from California, the Appalachian Trail in the eastern United States, Chile’s Mediterranean Zone and Chilean Patagonia have generated a variety of significant, strategic and replicable results. Come meet several of the key participants and learn along with them regarding the power of peer exchange and collaborative processes.

The webinar will be hosted by Jim Levitt, Program Director of Land and Water Conservation at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, and will be moderated by Shawn Johnson, Managing Director of the Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy at the University of Montana. Panelists will include: Greg Moore, CEO Emeritus and Special Advisor to the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy; Sharon Farrell, Executive Vice President of Projects, Stewardship & Science at the Golden Gate Parks Conservancy; Wendy K. Janssen, Superintendent of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail at the U.S. National Parks Service; Hernan Mladinic, former Executive Director of Tompkins Conservation; Eugenio Rengifo, Executive Director of the Friends of the Parks of Patagonia and Development and Public Affairs Director at Tompkins Conservation; Henry Tepper, senior advisor to Fundacion Tierra Austral; Bill Labich, Senior Conservationist at Highstead; and Dennis Shaffer, Director of Landscape Conservation at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

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