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October 19-21, 2015

First Congress of the International Land Conservation Network

Join private, NGO and local community land conservationists from around the globe!

The International Land Conservation Network is connecting organizations and people who are accelerating voluntary private protection and stewardship of land and water resources. A recent International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) report said “privately protected areas deserve far greater recognition and support than is the case at the moment”. Among others, it explicitly mentioned training and improved knowledge-sharing and information.

The First Annual Congress of ILCN aims to start making such know-how available and sharing best practices, expertise and the ability to build organizational leadership and operating capacity. The gathering will assemble practitioners, innovators and experts in the growing field of voluntary private land conservation and restoration, from around Europe as well as from North, Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. The size of the Congress is strictly limited to 100 individuals.

Goals for the First Annual Congress of the ILCN

At the Congress, we will explore financial, legal and organizational strategies that facilitate the creation and stewardship of privately protected lands across a range of geographies and settings.

People attending will represent land conservation organizations both large and small, from global NGOs to local volunteer initiatives. Now is the time to share what we know, across continents, to accelerate the pace, quality and effectiveness of private land conservation!

The Congress is designed to advance the mission of the newly-formed International Land Conservation Network:

to connect organizations and people around the world that are accelerating voluntary private and civic sector action that protects and stewards land and water resources. We believe that building capacity and empowering voluntary private and civic land conservation will strengthen the global land conservation movement and lead to more durable and effective resource protection. We do this for the intrinsic value of the world’s natural and cultural resources, and for their importance to the prosperity and wellbeing of humankind, today and for generations to come.

Congress participants will be inspired to engage with this new and growing Network of fellow conservationists around the globe.

For additional information on the 
First Congress of the International Land Conservation Network, please contact:

Laura Johnson, Director, International Land Conservation Network at


Isabella Gambill, Program Coordinator, International Land Conservation Network at

The ILCN is a project of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

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