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April 5, 2024

Financing Private Land Conservation in Latin America

There is a growing need to expand conservation finance opportunities for private and civic land conservation in Latin America, both in terms of financing the establishment of privately protected and conserved areas and ensuring their financial sustainability. This complex topic will be explored in a two-part webinar series. In this first webinar, panelists will explore finance mechanisms that are used around the globe to finance private land conservation efforts and their relevance and limitations in the Latin American context. They will discuss the need and challenges for innovation across the region and where future opportunities may lie to improve financial frameworks for private land conservation.


  • Beto Mesquita, Director of Forests and Public Policy, BVRio
  • Peter Stein, Managing Director, Lyme Timber Company
  • Tee Thomas, CEO, Quantified Ventures
  • Samuel Valdes, Director, Biodiversity Consultant Group


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