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May 17, 2024

Financial Sustainability Models for Private Land Conservation in Latin America

There is a growing need to expand conservation finance opportunities for private and civic land conservation in Latin America, both in terms of financing the establishment of privately protected and conserved areas and ensuring their financial sustainability. In the first webinar in this series, panelists explored the financial mechanisms used around the world to fund private land conservation efforts and their relevance and limitations in the Latin American context. In this second follow up webinar, panelists will focus on the financial sustainability strategies or models for existing private land conservation initiatives.

Since conservation alone is not enough to financially sustain the private reserve initiatives for most landowners, a discussion on the effectiveness of various financing models for PPAs, including subsidies, donations, payment for ecosystem services, volunteering, nature tourism or ecotourism, organic agriculture, holistic livestock farming, or other alternative sustainable business models, becomes relevant. This webinar will explore the existence of legal or tax incentives or general legal frameworks that support PPAs and discuss their benefits and limitations.


Claudia García, Executive Director, Association of Private Natural Reserves of Guatemala (ARNPG)

Javier Beltrán, Conservation Director, TNC, Argentina

Roberto Peralta, Lawyer, Peralta Associates, Chile

Samuel Valdes, Director, Biodiversity Consultant Group, Panama

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