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Climate Change and Conserving Biodiversity: The Convention on Biological Diversity’s 30×30 Goal

Hosted by: University of California, Berkeley, Institute for Parks, People and Biodiversity

The North American Wilderness and Protected Area Committee analyzed the status of protected areas for the entire continent for the World Parks Congress and determined that US, Canada and Mexico are at 12% of their land base in protected areas, short of the Aichii Target 11 CBD 2020 Goal of 17%.  The new Convention on Biodiversity goal is expected to be 30% by 2030.  More importantly though, is whether the existing areas actually protect current biodiversity and if the nation commits to increasing from 12% to 30%, which lands are the most important to protect if biodiversity is set as the primary goal. The panelists on the webinar will explore the current effectiveness of biodiversity conservation, especially in light of climate change, within existing national parks, wilderness areas, national conservation areas and other legally protected federal and state public lands and discuss actions needed to meet the Convention on Biological Diversity goals of 30 by 30.  


  • Dr. Patrick Gonzales, Associate Adjunct Professor, UC Berkeley, and Principal Climate Change Scientist, U.S. National Park Service. Gonzalez is a lead author of the ecosystems chapter of the next Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment.
  • Jane Rogers, Chief of Science and Resource Stewardship, Joshua Tree National Park: Rodgers has been a visible leader in climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation in the California desert.
  • Dr. Justin Brashares, UC Berkeley Professor, G.R. & W.M. Goertz Chair. Brashares is currently working with the National Geographic Society and the Wyss Foundation to bring specific goals to the Convention on Biodiversity 30 by 30 Goals


  • Jonathan (Jon) Jarvis, Chairman of the Board for the Institute for Parks, People and Biodiversity at the University of California, Berkeley and former Director of the National Park Service and inaugural Executive Director of the Institute for Parks, People, and Biodiversity.  

Register here.  The full Conservation Conversations webinar series schedule can be found here

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