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August 21-26, 2016

10th European Conference on Ecological Restoration – ‘Best Practices in Ecological Restoration’

Past mismanagement and habitat degradation require counter measures, including habitat restoration and development of novel management approaches, not only in Europe but in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia. It is the concern of ecological restoration to make ecosystem repair and reconstruction technically feasible, successful in enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem function, and sustainable for society and economy in future generations.

This conference will provide a friendly and exciting atmosphere to stimulate dialogue between restoration scientists, practitioners and policy makers, and to collaborate on the challenge of Best Practice in Restoration.

Conference main topics are:
LAND – Landscape – Land use – Biogeochemical fluxes – Soil Formation
LIFE – Ecosystems – Interactions – Species – Genotypes
PEOPLE – Socio-economy – Planning – Law & Politics – Public Relations
PRACTICE – Methods – Tools – Monitoring
Conference goal is to collect reports on the practical case studies of ecosystem or population restoration – encouraging reporting pitfalls as well as success stories.

For registration and more information visit the Conference website.

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