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To address the climate crisis, conservation needs a paradigm shift. Trophic rewilding advocates report that wildlife may be key to the answer

Lily Robinson - ILCN Program Coordinator
June 21, 2023

Nature-based climate solutions have historically cast large mammals and predators in supporting roles. Emerging research argues that they should be in leading roles. From sea otters to spiders, healthy fauna appear to impact the carbon cycle from the top down and bottom up. Restoring their populations could turn the tide on climate change.

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Explore this topic further with Jon Gorey's article How restoring animal populations can supercharge carbon absorption, published by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.
Landscapes from New Mexico to South Carolina inspire Kent Ambler's woodcuts

Lily Robinson - ILCN Program Coordinator
June 22, 2023

In a home workshop, set on the 12-acre swath of South Carolina land he owns with his wife, Ambler uses a handmade etching press to transform wood planks into nostalgic landscapes and natural scenes. The creative process, he said, is similar to losing oneself in nature. 

This artist profile is one in an ongoing series highlighting the role creative work plays in connecting people with nature and inspiring a culture of stewardship. If you are an artist whose work is inspired by nature and would like to be featured in a future ILCN newsletter, please reach out to We consider visual fine art, photography, poetry, personal essay, music, and other submissions.

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Notes From the Field

This South African biodiversity corridor salutes the last Knysna elephant
By Kiragu Mwangi & Rhian Berning
June 23, 2023

Elephants are ancient path makers, but as the species declined, their migratory routes that were vital to biodiversity and habitat health disappeared. The Eden to Addo Corridor reestablishes connectivity between some of the region's largest protected areas.

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Indigenous wisdom: Traditional land management driving conservation
By Cecilia Riebl - ILCN Regional Rep. for Australasia
July 11, 2023

A new mindset could help achieve better outcomes for Indigenous Communities as well as conservation practitioners trained in western scientific methods.

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You don't own the land; the land owns you
By Carolina Halevy & Hans von Sonntag
June 13, 2023

Does Europe need conservation easements? The pros, cons, and complexities of the tool and the incentives granted to private land owners who use it were key topics at the ENPLC easement workshop, held at NABU headquarters in Berlin in June.

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ABC Group Report on Easements
By Eurosite
June 6, 2023

What is an easement? How is it used for conservation? What is the history of the tool and how can we incentivize private landowners to put conservation easements on their property? The Agriculture, Biodiversity, and Climate working group delves into this and more in a new report.

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Liu to lead flagship civic land conservation program in China
By Shenmin Liu - ILCN Regional Rep. for Asia
June 28, 2023

ILCN Regional Representative for Asia, Shenmin Liu, leaves the Lincoln Institute staff in July to take the helm at a pilot program in the mountains of Hangzhou, China. 

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ILCN Updates

First class of the ILCN Academy underway
Thirteen participants representing seven countries, including China, Togo, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Mexico, and the United States, make up the first cohort of the inaugural ILCN Academy. Over eight weeks, they take a deep dive into conservation history, practice, and innovation.
Large Landscape Peer Learning Initiative meets in Chesapeake Bay for final strategy summit

The second cohort of the ILCN's Large Landscape Peer Learning Initiative brought together four teams from China, Romania, Canada, and the United States, each of which took on a strategically significant landscape protection or restoration project to workshop over the course of the two-year exchange.

Upcoming Events
ILCN International Breakfast at Rally 2023

Join the ILCN at its annual International Breakfast, hosted at the LTA Rally in Portland Oregon. This is an opportunity for our network to come together, in person, to share a meal, enjoy presentations, and engage in lively roundtable discussions. we look forward to seeing you there!
  • Sept. 8, 2023 7:00-8:00 AM PDT
Conference: Power to the Peatlands

Join Eurosite and partner organizations for a free three-day study of peatland conservation. Lectures, workshops, and field visits will illustrate how practitioners can strengthen, restore, monitor, and promote these precious natural resource areas.
  • Sept. 19-21, Antwerp, Belgium


Eurosite: ABC Working Group resource page
The Agriculture, Biodiversity and Climate (ABC) working group brings together farmers, practitioners, and researchers around the belief that nature-friendly farming has a pivotal role in solving the biodiversity and climate crisis. Its new website is live and lists upcoming meetings, webinars, workshops, and networking opportunities. The working group is open to anyone active and interested in these topics from anywhere in Europe.
Call for Creative Content

The ILCN is looking for submissions of artistic work with a connection to land and land protection to feature on our website and in upcoming newsletters. We are open to poetry, short stories, personal essays, visual art, music, and more. Submissions can be sent to Lily Robinson at Please include a short description of the relationship your piece shares with land, nature, or the environment. 

New resources from the ILCN's website

Visit our newly-launched "Land Trusts & Climate Change" page under the Resources tab on the ILCN website to view our full collection of case studies showcasing exemplary organizations and initiatives from around the world. 

Also under the Resources tab, you can find our freshly-curated "Country Profiles" page and learn about the most pressing issues, recent innovations, and ambitious visions of 30 nations working toward a more sustainable future.

We are excited to share stories from ILCN members. If you have a successful conservation initiative, story, event, or webinar to share, then please contact us at
The mission of the International Land Conservation Network is to connect organizations and people around the world that are accelerating voluntary private and civic sector action that protects and stewards land and water resources. 

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